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I am Melinda Clark, lifelong DIY-er and proud daughter of DIY-ers! I learned early that if you got tired of a piece of furniture, all you needed was some paint, a little imagination and some “elbow grease” and old could be new again. Where I come from there was no shame in “rescuing” things from someone else’s garbage at the curb; in fact, the contest was to figure out how we could re-use discarded objects! From my mother I learned to “see” overlooked potential, and from my father I learned how to wield a sander and a can of paint. I’ve been at it ever since.

I’m a self-trained crafter and decorator (mostly through trial and error --- heavy on the error!) I’ve tried my hand at many crafting endeavors, but I have the most fun with furniture & décor pieces, barware and the epoxy trays. I expect that will change one day but for now, I love envisioning these creations, I love watching as they take on a new life of their own, and I love sharing them with you. I hope you find something you love, too.