Distinctively Designed Furnishings, Décor, and Barware

When it comes to your home, I believe two things: Your home should represent your unique personality and, you should be surrounded by things that make you smile. Hidden Potential Transformations are creatively refreshed, refurbished, and recycled vintage furnishings and décor that aspire to do just that.

Explore my gallery of creative vintage transformations, modernized and “upcycled” to brighten any style of home. From whimsical and fun, to stylized and elegant, you can find furnishings, décor, and a variety of wine, champagne, cordial, shot and beer glasses to suit any taste.

Peruse my utterly unique pieces and then visit Hidden Potential Transformations shop at Taylor’s Collective in Ellicott City, MD to view my most recent creations and take some smiles home with you! If you can’t make the trip to Ellicott City, visit my online shops at Chairish.com and Etsy.com for shippable options

About Hidden Potential Transformations

Hidden Potential Transformations is a labor of love. Love for transforming one thing into a different thing. Love for fun and whimsey. Love for objects with character. Love for objects with a history. I ran out of places and needs in my own home, and began offering my “creations” for sale about eight years ago at craft markets. Gradually, I worked my way up to a small shop in an artist collective and am getting geared up to offer pieces through online shops. I love the idea of my work bringing smiles to your home. Enjoy.


Our Mission

Being the force that turns the ugly duckling into the beautiful swan.


What Makes Us Different?

The lack of pretense. The mixing of elegance with whimsey. The combination of the frivolous and the practical. My pieces are not limited to blending in with one style or another but rather, are made to mix with both traditional and modern environments in playful ways.

Bring Home a Smile

The creations at Hidden Potential are constantly changing. The gallery items may or may not still be available but never fear, contact me anytime to check on something you love and if I don’t have it any more, I may be able to create something similar.